• Southbank Centre: Festival Wing exhibition


    KentLyons were commissioned to create a public consultation exhibition for the Southbank's Festival Wing, a redevelopment of the Hayward Gallery, Purcell Rooms and Queen Elizabeth Halls.

    The exhibition is designed to be modular and flexible, as it will cover three phases of the public consultation. 

    The exhibition was created in collaboration with Mark Garside of VXV.

  • Concrete is synonymous with Southbank Centre. We made use of a concrete-like material to reflect the qualities of the existing buildings and their heritage. The plinths reflect the Festival Wing mark and point in the direction of the Festival Wing buildings.

  • There are a number of interactive elements to engage the public, from legos and wood blocks to notepads and iPads. There is something for everyone.

  • The bright orange, green and blue way-finding graphics spanning across the floor of the Royal Festival Hall break through the main viewing window of the exhibition, continuing outside and directing people to the Festival Wing.

  • Panels of information were printed on various materials including concrete and plywood, playing on the construction motif. Pegboard was another ideal material. It's modular capabilities made for easy updating of information panels, which was a particularly important consideration as the exhibition evolves over the three phases of public consultation.

  • Branded notepads and pencils were created for public submissions.

  • We designed and developed the exhibition website, following the style of the physical space. The site, developed in Wordpress, is flexible and responsive, fitting to any size screen.


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